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Gamma locator for radionuclide diagnostics of oncological diseases
KeywordsNuclear medicine, radionuclide diagnostics, radioguided surgery, gamma-ray detector, gamma probeApplicationsRadionuclide diagnostics of oncological diseases, radioguided surgery, sentinel lymph nodes localizationProblem statementAccording to the World Health Organization more than 7,5 million people die from cancer every year. In Russia at the...
Published: 5/8/2015   |   Inventor(s): Vladimir Belyaev, Alexander Bolozdynya, Anastasia Berdnikova, Valery Sosnovtsev, Vadim Kantserov
Category(s): Biomedicine, Medical Equipment
Gaze Correction in Videoconferencing using Supervised Machine Learning
KeywordsGaze correction, machine learning, predictor, decision forestApplicationsVideoconferencing and other remote video communication systemsProblem statementThe problem of gaze in videoconferencing has been attracting researchers and engineers for a long time. The problem manifests itself as the inability of the people engaged into a videoconferencing...
Published: 4/12/2016   |   Inventor(s): Victor Lempitsky, Daniil Kononenko
Category(s): IT, Software
Ultra low k dielectrics for ULSI interconnects
Keywords: ULSI, interconnect, dielectric, low-k, nanocompositeApplications: ULSI interconnects, interlayer dielectricsProblem:The modern ULSI technology requires interconnects with less and less dielectric constant. Though modern dielectrics demonstrate k = 2.5 the materials with k < 2 are required by the industryTechnology:We developed a new ultra...
Published: 10/19/2015   |   Inventor(s): Dmitry Godovsky, Makhmud Keshtov, Sergey Kuklin, Vitaly Kochurov
Keywords(s): Interconnects, Low-K, Nanocomposite, ULSI
Category(s): Electronics
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